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Aussie Gutter Protection provides a safe, easy way to keep leaves & debris out of your gutters & drainpipes. Enjoy up to 20 years product warranty & a 10 year peace-of-mind workmanship guarantee on all products.

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Roy Poyser - Brighton VIC


"I used to have leaves blocking up my gutters all the time. I was introduced to your company in 2003 when you installed gutter guard on my extension. It was a relief to find you still operating in 2015 to complete the remainder of my large roof. I found the two men who did the job very professional. Thank you again."

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Our total focus is providing you with the best possible product and service. Working with us means enjoying an affordable gutter guard that works incredibly well, looks great AND lasts for decades, even in the harshest Australian conditions.

Good service = happy customers. And we've had 10,000+ of them since 1999

"I am very happy with the product. Aussie Gutter Protection's whole process was smooth and friendly and their gutter guard blends in so well with my roof."


Chris Braishaw - Tarneit VIC

While most gutter guards will break apart in the sun or rust away, Leafmesh™ gutter mesh doesn't break down or rust and is 2x as thick and tough as alternatives. 

This protects your home and keeps your gutters clear for decades to come.

With 2x the thickness & strength of alternative products, our Advanced Leafmesh™ Gutter Guards keep out debris for decades & help protect your roof from floods, leaks and pests.

Your gutter is kept clear with a highly resilient, long lasting, rust proof aluminium protective mesh that is installed for you by Aussie Gutter Protection.

It allows rainwater to filter through but stops leaves and other debris from entering your gutter. It also prevents birds from nesting and breeding in your roof.

Leaves dry out and is blown away harmlessly in the wind, leaving your gutters clean and clear for good.


No More Worrying About Blocked Gutters

A Lifetime Of Gutter Protection: 2x Thickness & Strength Means Our Mesh Keeps Your Gutters Clean For Decades

"Aussie Gutter Protection has a great product and I love the hassle free maintenance. There's no more worrying about cleaning out the gutters."


Cyril Rothman - Hastings VIC

Protect Your Roof & Keep Your Gutters Clean, Clear & Safe In 3 Easy Steps

Installation & FREE Gutter Cleaning

Full Gutter Inspection & Diagnosis

We help you protect your roof and gutters from pests, damage, flooding & fire hazards by keeping your gutters clean and safe. Here's how it works:

No Surprises

We get up on your roof so you don't have to. Our expert team inspects every part of your guttering safely and pr

Working to current safety regulations, our fully insured team cleans your gutters from debris and installs your mesh.

Our friendly team helps you choose a solution for your roof and provides options & pricing up front. 

"Aussie Gutter Protection's sales person and installer were punctual & polite. Excellent product and service. I'm very happy to recommend them"


Kristin Walker - Hastings VIC

High Quality Options To Suit Your Needs & Budget

A Look & Colour That Compliments Your Home

We believe you deserve a gutter guard that both works AND looks great. We colour match your home so your gutter guard fits seamlessly with its look and feel.

No one size fits all. Before we quote, and after thoroughly inspecting your gutters, we work out the type of gutter guard that'll best suit your budget and needs.

What Makes Hundreds Of Happy Customers Choose Aussie Gutter Protection Every Year?

Typical gutter guards made of poor materials can fail after just a couple of years. We use only the most resilient, longest lasting materials. Plus, for your peace of mind our products pack a warranty of up to 20 years, and all our work is guaranteed for 10 years.

Up To 20 Yr Product Warranty + 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee

A Gutter Guard That Lasts A Lifetime - Guaranteed

Seamless Colour Matching Makes Our Guards Effective AND Attractive

We're trusted Victoria wide by 10,000 happy customers and counting. Here's a few reason why you'll love joining them:

Get A Gutter Guard That Fits Your Roof & Guttering


Louise May - Newborough VIC

So here's our promise: we guarantee you'll love our quality work and friendly service. 

This isn't just lip service. If at any time you aren't happy, let us know and we'll make sure we solve your issue.

Your happiness is our priority. Our team is fully insured and our work 100% guaranteed.

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